Cowboy Ribeye With Chimichurri Sauce

Cowboy Ribeye With Chimichurri Sauce

If you love a good steak, Cowboy ribeye is as near to steak heaven as you can get. Often called the chef's steak, due to its superior flavor, this beautifully marbled cut can be as tender as a filet mignon when cooked well. As the steak is cooked, the fat on the outside renders, creating a delicately crunchy contrast to the juicy, thick steak.

And what better way to showcase and enjoy your steak than with a chimichurri sauce? Hailed as Argentina's favorite sauce, chimichurri is the perfect partner for grilled meats and features bold, piquant flavors and fresh color that will stand out on any plate.

This is a recipe that calls for a superior steak. Each of our bone-in ribeyes has been cut and trimmed by a master butcher and wet-aged for 28 days to ensure a beautiful appearance on the plate and superior depth and complexity of flavor.


Watch here: Recipe Video

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