Filet Mignon to Perfection

Filet Mignon to Perfection

It's juicy! It's tender! It's the Perfect Filet Mignon at home!

Make this a special day and treat yourself and love ones with a fancy dinner without having to dress up.


Tips & Tricks 

  • For extra flavor, use fresh garlic.
  • Use a neutral cooking oil for searing the steak, then use butter only in the oven. Butter burns quicker, oil works best for the very high temperature  used for the searing part.
  • For a tender juicy stake, remove your Filet Mignons from the fridge and add salt/pepper about 30-60 minutes before cooking them.

    Rule of Thumb 

    • 5 minutes will yield fillet steaks cooked to about medium.
    • 3-4 minutes will yield medium-rare fillet steaks.
    • 2 minutes will yield rare fillet steaks. 6-7 minutes will yield medium-well
    • 8 minutes well-done fillet steaks.

    The exact timing depends on your exact Filet Mignon weight and thickness.


    Watch here: Recipe Video

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