Ribeye Tacos

Ribeye Tacos

Taco Tuesday but make it special. This is a 3-in-1 recipe: juicy steak, guacamole, and Salsa Verde. Mix and match salsas and steaks following this recipe and enjoy Mexican food made easy.


Tips & Tricks  

  • For a milder salsa, don’t heat up the peppers. For a spicier salsa, smell the peppers to find the ones that smell the strongest.
  • This recipe works great with other steaks like top sirloin and even porterhouse steak.
  • Add cilantro to the avocado mix for additional flavor.
  • For a taco mix flavor, marinate the steak for 2 hours in lime juice, olive oil, orange juice, cumin, cilantro, salt & pepper
  • If you can’t find tomatillos, you can buy Salsa Verde as a premade salsa.
  • For the avocado mix you can go ahead and make it guacamole by mixing a dash of milk or sour cream, salt, and pepper.


Watch here: Recipe Video

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